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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Crooks steal Cypress High School Baseball teams new motorized cart

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Breaking News:
By Randy Economy
June 29, 2010
7:40 p.m.

Cypress, CA:

Crooks have stolen the Cypress High School's Baseball team new motorized cart and tonight there is a manhunt to find those responsible for this idiotic crime.

The $7,000 vehicle, that was purchased just last week was ripped from the teams secured storage unit on the high school campus.  It is believed that the crime took place between yesterday late afternoon, and before early this morning.

The money to buy the new cart was raised by team members selling items throughout the community during fundraising events.

The cart, seen here, is used to transport heavy equipment to and from their game sites and during fundraising and sporting events. The team took delivery of the golf cart just five days ago.

The Cypress Police Department is asking the public for help in finding the golf cart and suspect(s) responsible for the theft.

The cart has a unique aluminum bed.  Here is a picture of the "hot cart."

So, if you see anyone running up and down Valley View or Walker Street in a new fancy cart, call the Cypress Police Department, Criminal Investigations Bureau at (714) 229-6631.
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