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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks sued $146,000 by his EX Campaign Consultant John Shallman for skipping out on bills. Yikes. Go getem' Johnny!

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Los Angeles, CA
By Randy Economy
June 29, 2010

Noted California campaign consultant John Shallman has brought legal action against Los Angeles City Councilman Bernard Parks after being left with almost $150,000 in "unpaid" campaign bills.

Wait a cotton pickin' minute? 

A politician is being sued for not paying their bills while running for office.  Gee, how different.

John Shallman is one of the best political ad-visor's here in California. He is well respected and has a reputation for hard ball campaigns.  I like John....good guy! 

He is great a what he does, one of the very best.  Today, John is taking hard legal action against Parks for running out on $147,000 in unpaid bills during his failed campaign for Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 2008. 

Parks, a former Chief of Police for the City of Los Angeles, lost that campaign to the winner Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas.

Shallman filed his lawsuit on Monday.  He is demanding more than $146,000 be paid to him by Parks for television advertising and other unpaid campaign expenses.

Parks "personally guaranteed" that he would repay the money but did not follow through, according to an article in today's Los Angeles Times. 

Bottom line....when you run for office....pay your bills...or don't run....period.

Stay tuned.
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