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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Meet Randy Economy

Randy Economy is one of the most respected Investigative Journalists in Southern California and is the recipient of FIVE top awards from the prestigious Los Angeles Press Club in 2013, 2014 and 2016.
The multitalented Economy is also a longtime political advisor and strategist.
Mr. Economy, 58, is also a film documentarian currently overseeing a multi-pronged media project on the life of Kevin Trudeau.  Mr. Trudeau is currently serving an 11-year federal prison term for contempt of court, the longest sentence of its kind in US history.  The film project is currently in preproduction and is expected to be completed in late 2019 and will be distributed world wide on various platforms, both traditional and other means.
He was the host of “The Randy Economy Show” that aired on AM 870 ‘The ANSWER’ in Southern California from January 2015 to March 2016. The show was rated as the #1 weekend talk show in Los Angeles by Nielsen/Arbitron during the months of June, September, and November 2015. Economy is also the former head of his own production company, Eyepatch Productions.
Economy has worked as an investigative reporter for years. Economy uncovered a $1 billion dollar political “pay to play” scheme inside the Los Angeles County Tax Assessor’s Office that lead to the arrest of Assessor John Noguez, Property Tax Consultant Ramin Salari, Property Appraiser Mark McNeill, and Property Appraiser Scott Schenter. The series of articles resulted in him being recognized as a candidate for the prestigious Pulitzer Prize in 2013.
Economy also uncovered misuse of public office by Los Angeles Controller Wendy Gruel revealing how her elected position was used to leverage millions of dollars for her unsuccessful campaign for Mayor in 2013. Economy has authored thousands of news articles for various publications.
He also uncovered massive fraud and political corruption inside the Central Basin Municipal Water District. The agency is now part of a criminal investigation by the FBI and US Attorney’s Office.
Bold, brass, fearless and quick witted, Economy has also uncovered and reported on FBI probe of California State Senator Ronald Calderon, former Assemblyman Tom Calderon that led to both of their arrests in a complex bribery scheme.
He has covered hundreds of public meetings in and around Los Angeles County at City Halls from Simi Valley, to Long Beach, Norwalk, Downey, Los Angeles, Santa Monica and countless other field locations.
The Randy Economy Radio Show was featured on CNN, CNN International, Fox News, NBCLA, CNN, ABC Eyewitness News, KCAL9, CBS2, Associated Press, United Press International, Al-Jazeera, and hundreds of other televisions news shows across the globe.
Political clients of Mr. Economy include former California State Assemblyman Scott Baugh, Assemblywoman Sally M. Havice, US Representative Grace F. Napolitano, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean, former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley, and hundreds of local elected officials and candidates seeking local office during a from 1982 to 2018.  
Mr. Economy was also selected to serve as Donald J. Trump’s California Media Advisor and Coordinator during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, having been responsible for booking hundreds of media interviews with official surrogates of the campaign with media outlets all over California and the United States.  He was President Trump’s special invited guest during his official Presidential Inaugural Ceremony in January 2017.
Economy is a devout member of the Roman Catholic Church and attend Sacred Heart in Palm Desert. He loves the Lord and has overcome the battle with addiction and alcohol abuse and has been clean and sober for the past 11 years. In addition, Economy attended Utah State University and Cerritos College as well as a graduate of Cerritos High School.
Economy wears an eye patch. He lost the vision in his right eye nearly 10 years ago, and kids and critics refer to him as “The Pirate.” With his reputation for exposing countless crooked politicians, many now ask who are the real “political pirates” in our area. It is not Randy Economy, it’s those who dare to steal from the public and think that they can get away with it.

Sunday, July 08, 2018

Attorney Shon Hopwood: My friend, and an Inspiration to all of us here in America who are told we cannot achieve our dreams

 I am so BLESSED to have Shon Hopwood in my world.
Shon truly inspires ME and so many of us who seek justice each and every day here in America.
Shon has been an amazing sounding board for me, I choose not to get into the details of what we are working on at this time...however...he has taken the time to work with me on an upcoming documentary film project that I am overseeing with two other incredible folks including Chente Daniel Ramirez and an other dear friend who has worked as a Television news producer and a fellow investigative journalist with Fox News.
We live in a society where ANYTHING is possible if you work hard, and if you never listen to those who tell you "you can't do that," or "your not smart enough to handle this situation," or my favorite excuse..."who the hell do you think you are trying to pull this off."
To Shon Hopwood, my friend, I salute you and thank GOD that you are part of our world, and my world as well.
By the way, Shon would actually make an incredible Supreme Court Justice. Just saying....
Shon Hopwood on 60 Minutes from Michael G. Santos on Vimeo.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Jarrod Warren Ramos identified as shooter in Maryland newspaper room attack

Jarrod Warren Ramos identified as shooter in Maryland newspaper room attack.  Now the entire country is beginning to Google this guy in order to get the details about his life, his social media accounts, arrest records, where he lives, everything and anything.

What a fucked up world we live in.

I know about crazy ass reporters and editors here in our world. and trust me...this is bad for society.   We have a Free Press here in America.  Many countries do not.  We can NEVER TOLERATE this type of attack to happen here on our soil.  Sadly our nation is angry.

More to follow.

Monday, June 25, 2018

Remembering Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa: Tributes pour in from around the world after tragic shooting death of beloved leader

Remembering Captain Rosa

Scene of tragedy from the Long Beach Fire Department Twitter Account.
Tributes are pouring in from all over Southern California and the world for that matter in honor of Long Beach Fire Captain David Rosa who was killed this morning in a horrific incident after responding to a 911 call to a multi-story retirement complex in the cities downtown area.

"It is with deep sadness and tremendous grief that we announce that Captain David Rosa has died from injuries sustained from a gunshot wound he sustained at an emergency incident. Capt. Rosa is a 17 year veteran of our department and is assigned to Station 10," was stated in a tweet this morning just after 9 a.m. from the Long Beach Fire Department.

Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia...who has a heart of gold in guiding this major municipality here on the west coast stated in a Facebook post: "Today is an incredibly sad day for Long Beach and the Long Beach Fire Department. We’ve lost one of our local heroes and another is injured but stable. We are all praying and sending love to the families and our Long Beach Fire Department."

The Fire Chief in Chico, California posted this tribute a few moments ago:

Replying to  
Myself and the rest of the men and women of extend our deepest sympathies to and to Capt Rosa’s family for your loss. Our prayers and thoughts are and will continue to be with all of you throughout this difficult and emotional time.

Another twitter user by the name of Dave posted this comment:

It’s a sad day when a person will attack a firefighter. Firefighters do nothing but help people and put themselves in harms way. Prayers for his family, friends, and fellow firefighters. RIP Captain.

.and this one...

Replying to 
David Rosa was also a member of OCBOA as a High School Baseball Umpire. His OCBOA family is heart broken over his passing and send our condolences to his family and friends.

Replying to 
My thoughts and condolences to the family of this man and all of the as the loss of someone so loved by all is always a sad day, especially when our trying to do nothing but serve the community while trying to make it a better place 💙

My thoughts...
Our world is not an easy place to live these days.  Death, tragedy, anger, cowardness have gripped society.  We cannot tolerate the murder of any law enforcement servant anywhere under any circumstance.  How can we stop this madness.  It must stop.  We cannot go on living like this.  What are your thoughts?  RrE

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Mayor Eric Garcetti Needs to help the THOUSANDS of HOMELESS children and the 50,000 other homeless adults in LA before blasting his mouth

Hey Garcetti....these are HOMELESS KIDS living on SKID ROW in LOS ANGELES.
Photo taken from the Fred Jordan Mission Website.
I have ZERO respect for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti.

To bad.  I use to like him personally..but he has ZERO credibility as a potential "President Garcetti."

Today, he and other Mayors went to the Texas border to try to visit these children in these immigration holding facilities and were turned away. 

I think Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti should take a walk down Skid Row once in awhile and start doing something about the thousands of homeless children and 50000 adults who are eating out of garbage cans...

Eric Garcetti sent out a "political email blast" to his supporters this afternoon praising his efforts today....patting himself on the back....and then pitches for "donations" to local service groups in LA...to "help the effort."

Eric...stop your grandstanding.  Your ego is out of control.  Fix the CHILD HOMELESS EPIDEMIC in LA.  Stop telling President Trump how to do his job.  Just stop the "side show" that is becoming your political legacy.

I will let you read his email for yourself...By the way....under your leadership, LA has become a shit hole....yep...I said it....

Dear Randy,
I've been to lawless places, and I've visited places under authoritarian rule. But nothing prepared me, especially as a parent and a public official, for my visit to Tornillo, TX today.
That's because I visited a place where children are being imprisoned, alone, without their parents. And our own government put them there.
Children aren't poker chips. They are the most precious of people, and they deserve protection -- not persecution -- from Washington. They must be reunited with their families now. That was the message our bipartisan coalition of mayors delivered today in Texas
The American people are standing united against this horror, from coast to coast, Republican and Democrat alike. And faced with public outcry, the White House has started backing down.
But make no mistake -- President Trump's executive order does nothing for the 2,300 children already locked up. He is counting on his gameplan of distraction and division to move us on to the next "big story." We have to get off this circus ride. We have to save these kids, and we have to bring regime change to Washington.
Our values are not negotiable. America is a nation that should always lead with heart and humanity.
But today, any pretense that Washington is built by the people, of the people, and for the people is gone. The American people are compassionate and decent, but what our government has been doing to these children is obscene.
Yes, this was President Trump's policy. But the Republican Congress could have stopped it at any time, too. And they didn't. They have abandoned their role as a check on the executive branch. They are collaborators.
President Trump is not on the ballot until 2020. But his agenda can be stopped if we take back Congress in November.
Don't let these congressional collaborators hide under the chaos that President Trump brings. We must expose them for who they are -- lockstep tools of President Trump; cowards who traumatize children because they won't stand up to the bully in the White House; craven politicians who favor the wealthy over working people.
They want to divide us into two Americas: urban vs. rural, coastal vs. heartland, immigrant vs. native born. They know that if we're fighting each other, they have free reign to enrich their benefactors, promote themselves, and ignore our needs. Despite the horrors along our border, the truth is that the American people, across all 50 states, are honorable and neighborly. They believe that our nation is strongest when more people have a shot at the American dream, and when America sets the global standard for justice and equality.
There are two Americas today; but it's Washington vs. the rest of us.
It's time for the rest of us to take our country back.
- Eric.

Former Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez slated to appear in Los Angeles courtroom tomorrow

I took this photo of ex-Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez during a Norwalk City Council meeting...before he was indicted in what former Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley said was the "biggest political corruption scandal in the history of LA County." 
Randy Economy Photo
Remember when I worked at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and we exposed the corruption inside the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office.  

You know....those hundreds of articles that were written and the thousands of hours spent interviewing massive amounts of sources, both on the record and off the record?  

You remember....

Well, five and a half years later....

Indicted ex-Assessor John Noguez will have another day in court tomorrow to see where his criminal case is headed, or if a plea deal will be reached.

I have been on this case for years.

A couple of weeks ago, I sent a formal written request to the media office at the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office to get an update on the case....

Here was there exact response....short and to the point.

"Next court date is June 22 for motions."

So, who is going to be at court tomorrow morning?

The wheels of justice against corrupt politicians takes forever and a day....or years in the c

One last thing....

I am proud of the work we did at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper back then.  I still believe that the greatest news outlets in America are right in your own backyard...and in your 'hood!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Remembering Artesia Icon John Martins: City Officials Issue Touching, Heartfelt Message

The late Larry Nelson, and John Martins.  
Both beloved former Mayors of Artesia, California and both are now looking down at us from above.  I took this photo of these two remarkable men at a charity fundraiser for a local community organization a few moons ago.  Great expressions.  Great energy.  Great memory.
I still can't believe that our beloved friend, former Artesia, California Mayor John Martins has passed.  it hasn't even been one week since he loft us.

I wanted to post this touching tribute from officials city officials who issued the below statement.

City Mourns the Passing of Former Mayor and Councilmember John Martins

It is with deep sorrow that the City shares the news of the passing of a great community leader, former mayor and councilmember John “Johnny” Carlos Martins. John passed away in a motorcycle accident in Upper Ojai in Ventura County on the morning of June 15, 2018. John was elected to the Artesia City Council in 2001, and served until 2009. During his time on the City Council, John served two terms as Mayor; one term from April 2003 to April 2004 and the other term from April 2007 to April 2008. John and his family emigrated from the Island of Terceira in the Azores, Portugal in the 1960’s. In 2015, John Martins was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Portugal in Los Angeles continuing his efforts to connect communities. John was an active member and served many terms as President of the Artesia Divino Espirito Santo (D.E.S.) Portuguese Hall, a non-profit organization whose main goal is to promote Portuguese traditions and heritage through many diverse activities. John is survived by his wife, Karen Martins, their sons, Cole and Kyle, his daughter Chelsea and her fiancée, João Couto, and his mother, Lenia Jacinto. John was a resident of Artesia for almost all of his life. He was a civic minded community leader, a prominent businessman, and a family man who will be greatly missed. The City mourns the loss of a great community leader who impacted the City government, non-profit groups, and the community at large.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Remembering Former Artesia Mayor John Martins. He lived the American Dream and we all Loved him

John Martins.  I will never forget you!
By Randy Economy

I wanted to wait a couple of days before I wrote about the sudden passing of every ones favorite friend from Artesia, California, former Mayor John Martins.

Johnny was bigger than life. who truly lived the American Dream.

While there are literally thousands of tributes being paid to John on social media sites, (Facebook friends and family have been posting hundreds of photos and notes since his passing on Friday).

I first met John and has family while I was a child being raised in the Artesia-Cerritos community circa early 1970's. 

The teen years, into high school and college, and then into adulthood and civic affairs, politics, charity work, faith in God, good times, hard times, John was always full of emotion and energy.

John loved America, and he loved Artesia, and Artesia was totally IN LOVE with Johnny.  He was a showman, he loved to entertain and share his love of music with the world around us.  He was handsome, a smile so large his beamed when he entered a room.  John loved to stand close to you when he engaged in conversation.  He cared about his friends and those in need.

 One publication that covers the local US Portugal community, wrote the following about John, and I wanted to share these words about his life....

"One of the most relevant community members of the Portuguese community in Southern California, he was born in the parish of the Altares, Angra do Heroísmo. He emigrated with his family to the United States  in 1966.A businessman by profession, he served as Councilman between 2001 and 2003, and on March 3, 2004, he was elected Mayor of Artesia, Los Angeles, a position he held until November 10, 2010. He was appointed Honorary Consul of Portugal in Los Angeles, in 2015, a position he held until now. The President of the Government of the Azores, Vasco Cordeiro, expressed deep regret at the death of Honorary Consul of Portugal in Los Angeles, emphasizing his success as an entrepreneur and, above all, his civic involvement in the local Azorean resident community.
“In his many civic, political, cultural and professional roles in the United States of America, John Martins has always shown a high sense of public service, never forgetting his connection to his roots in Terceira Island and the Azores, “said President Vasco Cordeiro. "

My life is fuller for having John Martins and his amazing family in my world. Please feel free to share you thoughts below.

God Bless you John.  My God hold you in His arms forever...

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

TIM DRAPER'S DREAM: The Division of California into Three States started as a 'concept' by one innovnative leader, and now the People will decide. Time to thank Tim!

The map of the Three California's.  Where do you fit it.  Where do you stand?
Tim Draper, the Father of Three California's.
I wanted to post the facts about this new voter initiative that is coming to the November Ballot here in the Golden State that calls for splitting California up into three states.

Lots of static about this "concept" that has been spearheaded by Tim Draper. 

Sure, lots of people scoffed at the idea when it was first pitched a couple of years ago.

Scoff no more. 

This "idea" is now going to be decided by the people.  Voters.  A Real Campaign.  A Real Conversation has begun.

I sort of like the idea.  As a matter of fact, now that I live full time in Rancho Mirage, CA, I could be a fut resident of the State of Southern California.  Not bad.  IF this comes to fruition, I just might declare my immediate intentions to be a candidate for the top dude in this new "thing."  I could be a modern day George Washington, or a new version of Jerry Brown, or even better, a "President," of "Governor" or what ever the people decide.

Skeptics need to stop making fun of Tim Draper and the "Three California Plan."  It is here.  The wake up call has been dialed.

What the hell. 

 Tim Draper got this on the ballot...and for that accomplishment....we all need to grasp the "power of the people" instead of listening to the expert politicians and talking heads who think they are the smartest guys or gals in the room.

Here is what is going to be on the ballot....

(Source, California Sec of State.)

Division of California into Three States. Initiative Statute. Summary Date: 10/24/17 Final Random Sample: 06/13/18 (PDF) Signatures Required: 365,880 Proponents: Timothy Draper (650) 233-9000 tim@draper.com Divides California into three states subject to approval by Congress. Assigns each county to a new state. Upon passage, directs Governor to request that Congress grant approval within twelve months. If Congress approves, directs Legislature to divide California’s assets and liabilities between the new states. Provides that, if Legislature fails to act within twelve months of Congressional approval, debts shall be distributed among new states based on population relative to California population as a whole, and assets within boundaries of each new state shall become the assets of that new state. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Assuming this measure is approved by voters and the federal government and allowed by the courts, all tax collections and spending by the existing State of California would end. California’s existing state assets and liabilities would be divided among three new states. These states would make their own decisions about state and local taxes and spending. (17-0018.)

Monday, June 11, 2018


This is LIVE COVERAGE...for the WORLD to see... Trump-Kim. Epic. Historic. Watch it.

WATCH: Dennis Rodman Opens Up to Chris Cuomo in the MOST AMAZING INTERVIEW EVER regarding Trump and Kim Jong Un

Break out the hankies. Dennis Rodman just blew up CNN in one of the most amazing interviews I HAVE EVER SEEN on live television.

WATCH THIS INTERVIEW. This is what CNN just reported regarding this amazing live televised moment.

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman told CNN that Tuesday's historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and President Trump was years in the making.
In an emotional interview, Rodman said he always believed in helping North Korea. He said he was even threatened for defending North Korea.
"It's a great day. I am here to see it. I'm so happy," he said. Rodman said he tried talking to former President Obama. "And Obama did not give me the time of day," he said.

Retired LA County Sheriff's Lieutenant David Smith Gets Busted After Trying to 'Rub Down' West Hollywood Massage Parlor Employees

File this crime under category of
"The Dumbest Cop Ever Looking To Get A Rub Down."
The Big Rub Down Goes Bust in WeHo

You gotta be kidding me?
Are members of law enforcement actually this stupid, especially those on the beat in "anything goes West Hollywood, Party On 24/7?"
This is from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office of Media Relations.
Here is what happened...
A retired Los Angeles County sheriff’s lieutenant has been charged with obstructing justice for allegedly tipping off a massage parlor employee about upcoming law enforcement raids in exchange for sexual favors or gifts, the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office announced.
David Smith was charged in case BA468544 with one felony count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and one misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice. Smith is scheduled to be arraigned today in Department 30 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center.
Deputy District Attorney Rachel Greene of the Justice System Integrity Division is prosecuting the case.
According to the criminal complaint, Smith said he would conduct lawful inspections at massage parlors in West Hollywood. However, Smith is accused of paying for sex at two of the locations between 2016 and 2017. He also allegedly received gifts from a massage parlor employee.
In return, Smith is accused of checking to see whether law enforcement planned on raiding the employee’s location. On one occasion, Smith allegedly told the employee there may be law enforcement officers near the business and advised her she might want to close for the evening, according to the complaint.
If convicted as charged, Smith faces a possible maximum sentence of three years in state prison or jail.
The case remains under investigation by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

LISTEN: to ROBERT De NIRO drop F-Bombs at The Tony Awards Against President Trump

Forget about Roseanne Barr. America is now hating actor Robert De Niro after he told President Trump the big F-YOU during the end of the Tony Awards. What a pathetic world these Hollywood millionaires and billionaires live in. Without words. What do you think? Hit my comment section below.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Republican Warren Gubler is HANGING on to a 12 vote margin to sneak into runoff in California's 26 Assembly District

Political Stud in the Making?  Warren Gubler is hanging on by 12 chads...well sort of....stay tuned....
Talk about a barnburner election last week here in California's 26th Assembly District...just 12 stinking votes separate the second and third place finishers...in the "Jungle Primary" between challengers Warren Gubler (Republican) and Jose Sigala (Democrat).  Incumbent Assemblyman Devon Mathis...who is also a Republican will probably be defeated in November since he had a really bad showing of just 30.3 percent of the total vote.

State Assembly District 26 - Districtwide Results

  Close Contest  

100.0% ( 140 of 140 ) precincts partially
reporting as of June 10, 2018, 5:43 p.m. Help icon: See FAQs for additional information on how precincts reporting information is determined.
Visit the County Reporting Status page to determine when a county has submitted its latest report.
Jose Sigala
(Party Preference: DEM)
Warren Gubler
(Party Preference: REP)
Jack Lavers
(Party Preference: REP)
*Devon Mathis
(Party Preference: REP)
* Incumbent

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Watch JUSTIFY make HISTORY at the Belmont! This is a Triple Crown Winner for the AGES!



 What stuck out for me today in watching history being made at the 150th Belmont Stakes is that the winner, Justify, literally "glowed" all the way around the track. 

It was like the horse had a halo from start to finish. Fresh. Crisp. Literally unsoiled. Without a flaw.  

If you don't believe that winning jockey Mike Smith had  a "higher power" guiding him and Justify around the track today....watch the race.  Listen to the emotion.  Hear the wonderment of what man and beast can achieve together.  

BE INSPIRED today...and every day.

Filmmaker Dustin Black, Olympian Tom Daley celebrate LGBT Pride at Dodger Stadium....with me. Love these guys...

 Dustin Lance Black Producer of the acclaimed movie "Milk," and his Husband  Olympian Tom Daley 
Amazing time at Dodger Stadium on Friday night with Academy Award winning producer Dustin Lance Black of the acclaimed movie "Milk," and his Husband Tom Daley who is the former world champion diver and Olympic bronze medalist from Great Britain.
I want to thank the Los Angeles Dodgers for the amazing red carpet treatment during lgbtq night on Friday.
Tom and Dustin we're saluted during the pregame ceremonies... and also happened to be in Los Angeles this weekend for the arrival of their first child. We had great stories lots of fun... and yes even shared Dodger Dogs.
I love LA! Life is a blessing everyone.... embrace it....
Love the people around you. Celebrate.

Thursday, June 07, 2018

CNN needs to return to covering news

I want everybody to take a couple of minutes to look at the very first day that CNN actually went on the air back in 1980. We can learn a lot about our past... We need our news outlets to be controlled by professional hard-hitting journalist instead of silly panel discussions featuring political hacks....


 I want real news back on television. If you agree with me let's start this discussion. We need a movement of people here in America to bring common sense back to America from top to bottom.

CA Congressional District 48 attracted 'Strange Bed Mates' during the LAST WEEK of the election

My Client, Republican Candidate Scott Baugh being interviewed by Elex Michaelson of Fox News Los Angeles in the Team Baugh Campaign Headquarters.
Here is exactly what happened when the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee needed a Hail Mary in California's 48th congressional district on Tuesday night. 

This is what the political process has become. Destroy lives of political contenders... 

In order to win. We have to bring civility back to our political process. 

Here is a part of the NBC story that needs to be followed...hence the weirdo political bed mate strategy....
At the same time they were boosting Rouda, Democrats were busy mucking up the Republican side of the race -- first by running ads against Republican Scott Baugh, who was viewed as the biggest threat to finish second behind Rohrabacher, then by boosting Republican John Gabbard, a veteran and businessman, in an attempt to fracture the district's Republican vote.
McLaughlin called the nearly $2 million shelled out by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to split Republicans "incredibly helpful" and key to stemming a top-two lockout.
"The negative Baugh spending worked," he said. "Baugh was in third place, and then the spending came against Baugh late. That started at the same time as our pro-Harley spending. So Baugh's Election Day results trickled off -- he had an OK position in the early vote, then trickled off to go into fourth place, which was the exact opposite of our trajectory."
We have to be better as a society. As the senior advisor to Republican Congressional candidate Scott Baugh, and previously serving in the same position with former candidat Stelian Onufrei, I worked for the past 14 months in the 48th congressional district in order to bring change and a new era of leadership into the political process in this volatile portion of Hardball political territory. The story of what happened in this one American congressional district needs to be documented and shared. We cannot continue to live in a society where scorched-earth politics is allowed to take place campaign after campaign after campaign after campaign. 

There has to be a way that we can meet in the middle. 

Good people need to continue to be involved in the political process. I have worked in politics since I've been 12 years old.... That's a total of 46 years... What happened in this California primary election was staggering neck whipping head spinning and most times downright fearful and ugly.

Let it sink in.
We must be better in the future. We must have a political system that is controlled by people the voters instead of political party bosses.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

FCC Complaint Filed Against KNEWS, Talk Show Hosts Paul Cashin, Rich Gilgallon after ATTACKING Congressional Candidate Dan Ball over and over and over again. Time to pull the plug on these NOT SO HOT TALKERS!

Coachella Valley's Rich Gilgallon and Paul Cashin with KNEWS Radio are now the subject of a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission after spewing intentional lies against Congressional Candidate Dan Ball.

Two weeks ago, two Coachella Valley talk radio show hosts went to war against my friend Dan Ball who is running for Congress here against Rep. Raul Ruiz. Live on air.  Called Dan a Drunk and that he put his 10 year old daughters life in danger, and that was just for starters.

Well, I have decided to go to war against KNEWS FM 93.4 and Programming Director Paul Cashin and Talk Show Host Rich Gilgallon for their out right attacks they have spewed against Mr. Ball for the past four months.

I filed a formal complaint with the Federal Communications Commission on this issue, and I am THRILLED to report that they have received my complaint and they have began looking into the matter.  I received a formal response to my claim...thus the purpose of this Blog post...

Democracy matters.  Media matters.  People can be heard loud and clear.  Just because you are given a mic, you are not entitled to go on a destructive rampage...

Here is a copy of my complaint...

This complaint is filed against KNEWS 94.3 and 104.7 and Programming Director Paul Cashin and Host Rick Gilgallon located in Palm Springs, California after they engaged in vicious slanderous comments about US Congressional Candidate Dan Ball who is running in the upcoming June Primary Election here in California’s 36 Congressional District.

The incident that I am specifically about took place on May 17t, 2018 during the first hour of the show that aired between 3 and 6 p.m. and the vicious comments made against Mr. Ball begin at the 24-minute mark of Hour 1.

It has been reported in media accounts that Rich “Da’ Coach” Gilgallon was allegedly suspended this week over the incident and he is expected to return on Tuesday, May 29.

Part of the exchange included Gilgallon accusing Ball of getting into his vehicle with his 10-year-old daughter after drinking and being intoxicated.
Gilgallon then immediately accused Ball of being “fired from all these jobs and escorted from the building.

Gilgallon further refers to Ball as “dangerous” and a “loose cannon.”

During the show, and during the verbal exchange with Mr. Ball, Gilgallon and Cashin BOTH admitted that they have been paid by the East Valley Republican Headquarters in the past and this is the SAME group that has publicly endorsed Mr. Ball’s opponent Kimberlin Brown.  Gilgallon and Cashin have been using this show to publicly promote the campaign of Brown and attacks Mr. Ball for the past number of months. 

The East Valley Republican Women Federated, whose president is Joy Meidecke, was also a point of contention in the men’s exchange during the program in question.

The organization STRONGLY endorsed Kimberlin Brown last year before interviewing all Republican candidates for a possible endorsement. Both Gilgallon and Cashin have been paid “appearance fees” to promote Ms. Brown’s campaign at several events that have been held at this specific headquarters.

Please investigate this situation. 

Here is the link to the broadcast that is in question, as well as the SPECIFIC time where the comments are made….


Randy Economy
Rancho Mirage, CA

NOTE:  Hey, also a huge thanks to Cindy Uken, a remarkable journalist here in the Coachella Valley for also relentlessly following this situation....  Here is Cindy's remarkable and uber popular blog....