Saturday, July 28, 2012

SCRAPBOOK: LA Live with Chuck Henry, Colleen Williams, Fritz Coleman, and Dr. Bruce Hensel at Wolfgang Pucks on Friday night for NBC LA's Olympic Party

I wanted to THANK my SPECIAL SPECIAL FRIENDS over at NBC News here in Los Angeles for having the honor of being their special invited guests at Wolfgang Puck's at LA Live on Friday night to watch the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics. NBC LA loves Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and the FEELING is MUTUAL! What a great night. Very intimate group of around 40 people were invited to attend. Brian Hews (LCCN Publisher) and his amazing wife Cora, and daughters Jessica and Ellis and myself really enjoyed spending this evening with Anchor's Colleen Williams, Chuck Henry, Weatherman Fritz Coleman, and Dr. Bruce Hensel. Also the management of NBC News in Los Angeles is to be complimented for reaching out to Los Cerritos Community Newspaper and recognizing our amazing recent coverage into the corruption inside the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration. Lot's MORE to come! I will have more pics and "cool stuff" about the party in the next Los Cerritos Community Newspaper. Yes, the PIZZA'S were to DIE FOR...and homemade deserts....YOU GO WOLFGANG! Hoohoo
Randy and Fritz Coleman from NBC LA at Wolfgang Puck's at LA Live during a great party for the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympics from London.  Thanks FRITZ....what a blast talking with you and making the event so special!
Wanted to also give a HUGE "W2G" to NBC LA News Anchors  Chuck Henry and Colleen Williams with me and Brian Hews, my Publisher at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper at LA Live on Friday night.  We are THRILLED to call NBC LA and Chuck and Colleen our new "special friends!"  Can't wait for them to visit us here in Cerritos at our newspaper office!  Stay TUNED to NBC for the BEST OLYMPIC COVERAGE on the PLANET!
Brian needs four fingers.....not three....   Colleen Williams and Cora Hews and myself share a couple "special treats" at Wolfgang Puck's party at LA Live on Friday night to celebrate the Opening Ceremony of the 21012 London Olympics!
Photo: Brian Hews Dr. Bruce Hensel and me getting some "medical advice" on Friday night at LA Live at the NBC LA Olympic Party!  Dr. Bruce ROCKS!
Paging Dr. Bruce Hensel.... What a great guy.  Who are those two guys on the bookends?

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