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Monday, July 20, 2009

ABC School Board Race: James Kang files against incumbents Mark Pulido and David Montgomery

JAMES KANG, a Cerritos retired business executive, has filed as a candidate for the upcoming November ABC Unified School District Board of Education.

Also filing are incumbents Mark Pulido and David Montgomery. Incumbent Olympia Chen has yet to indicate if she will seek another 4 year term.

If elected, Kang wants to bring "a new voice and perspective
Stengthening relationship with teachers, parents, and the community."

He want's to "foster professional development for teachers and staff; Improve students achievement; Expand students' access to honors and extracurricular programs and improve services for students with special needs.

Kang also want to implement district funds efficiently and favors
setting term limits for shool board memebers to serving two, four year terms (lol...like TERM LIMITS would ever get implemented here...NOT!)

Anyway, I am thrilled to see that James is running for ABC School Board. We need several more GOOD/concerned community members to RUN for ABC School Board this campaign!

Deadline is August 7th to run!


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