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Monday, April 30, 2018

When you stand up for what you believe is RIGHT and JUST, then NO ONE can take you down.

I want everyone to know that in politics...sometimes NOT winning an election is actually a blessing in the long run.
I am dedicated and determined to continue to root out bad actors and actresses in politics and I will continue to only work for people and candidate and causes who are like minded.
Being a political consultant is a noble profession. Believe it or not, a majority of people who work in professional politics are pretty much decent, hard working people.
Sure, a few nut bags rear their ugly ass heads every once in a while.
But life is full of insane self-serving egotists.
I am not without flaws, but I am proud of the man in am today...and for this amazing gift that God continues to give me each and everyday.
We all have a past. I get that. I have a past. Some things I am obviously not proud of. but I am PROUD that I was able to take those dark chapters and to learn from then.
I will never be afraid of what lies ahead, and for taking on the corrupt political system here in the United States. We must never tolerate destructive people to tear us down
Life is good.
We are Blessed beyond our wildest dreams, even when we think things around us are hazy....
Here's to you....all of you.....
This next chapter is now being written.

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