Friday, November 16, 2012

PEOPLE LIKE US: Kelly Clarkson SCORES with new "anthem" about "what kind of people?"

What's THE REaction: 
Do you NOT love KELLY CLARKSON? I would love to interview her about her latest ditty called "People Like Us." I am so glad she didn't call this song "People Like You People," or "My People Like Your People," or "What Type of People Are You?" Anyway.... Go gettem, Kelly.

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WATCH: LCCN, Randy Economy featured on Fox News

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Los Cerritos Community Newspaper’s exclusive groundbreaking coverage into the corruption probe at the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office is now the focal point of a multi part series that began airing Wednesday night on Fox News 11 in Southern California.

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Look for more segments on Fox News 11 during the next several days and weeks. Reporter Gina Silva is featured in this segment.

Randy Economy appears on NBC News Non Stop California with Colleen Williams

Randy Economy appears on California Non Stop with Colleen Williams from NBC News. Randy Economy appeared on NBC New's Non Stop California in June, 2012. This is what NBC said about Randy and Los Cerritos Community Newspaper. "Los Cerritos Community Newspaper recently published hundreds of e-mails between Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez and several property tax agents. The emails were obtained by the newspaper through a series of public document requests. This is the second set of documents published by the community newspaper that has been at the forefront of reporting and exposing the alleged pay to play activities between tax agents and Noguez for the past two years. Reporter Randy Economy joins Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA to discuss how their investigation began on June 25, 2012.”

Hear Randy Economy on the David Cruz Show!

Reporter Randy Economy on The David Cruz Show during the week of June 25, 2012 on KTLK AM 1150 in Southern California. The segment begins at the 56:00 part in this clip and lasts for thirty minutes.

Randy Economy on CBS 2 News KCAL 9 with Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper featured CBS News with Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan CBS/KCAL Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan interviews Randy Economy and Brian Hews from Los Cerritos Community Newspaper the day more than 300 law enforcement officials raided 12 different locations in the political scandal that is consuming Los Angeles County. Thanks CBS News for acknowledging the hard work of LCCN!