Monday, July 26, 2010


What's THE REaction: 
Bell, CA
By Randy Economy
July 26, 2010
9:36 p.m.

Face it. 

Bell Mayor Oscar Hernandez is in a heap of trouble, and some things just keep popping out of the woodwork about this clown....

Remember this brew ha ha around 13 months ago....

Last year, narcotics investigators discovered a methamphetamine “super lab” at a rental unit owned by the embattled Bell mayor, and two men were arrested in that case. and two small children were taken into protective custody over the case that many have forgotten all about.

Last year...Mayor Oscar Hernandez told the LA TIMES that,  “These things happen around the town, including in Glendale, LA and West Hollywood."


Investigators raided one of three homes on a rental property Mayor Hernandez owns, his son lives in one of the other two units on the compound last year on June 6.  I reported it here on my blog.  Hernandez was part of a multi-jurisdictional methamphetamine enforcement team investigation.

They uncovered the makings of what law enforcement authorities call a “super lab” capable of making as much as 20 pounds of meth at a time, Deputy Guillermina Saldana of the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department told media in 2009.

LA County’s haz-mat units carted off barrels of chemicals known to be associated with the manufacture of methamphetamine, and everyone turned their head and paid literally no attention to the situation.  Hernandez even went on record as stating that...Nobody smelled nothing. I never got any complaints, and it’s a small community and the houses are close to each other.” 

There is a pattern here with this seedy Mayor. attention, boyz and girlz..... 

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Anonymous said...

Just who IS Mayor Oscar Hernandez?

What did he do before he was Mayor?

Where did he come from?

What was his profession before politics?

Anonymous said...

Nobody paid attention because they actually didn't find anything... let alone barrels. Pay attention buddy boy. If they really DID find a "super lab" you think they would have left him alone?

Anonymous said...

Either way, he is sitting in jail this morning and prob will be for a long time to come, he need to be placed on suicide watch


Hews, Economy Featured on The Tim Conway Jr. Show on KFI Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Publisher Brian Hews and Reporter Randy Economy were featured on KFI AM 640 on the Tim Conway Jr. Show on Thursday, October 17 to discuss the arrest of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez, Property Tax Agent Ramin Salari and Assessor Major Property Appraiser Mark McNeil on dozens of felony charges. The segment was broadcast live to millions of listeners throughout the Western United States. LCCN will post additional interviews by Mr. Hews and Mr. Economy in the future.

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LCCN was the first media outlet to break the story about the massive criminal investigation that has now gripped the entire Los Angeles County Hall of Administration. “We thank Fox News for recognizing featuring Los Cerritos Community Newspaper in their coverage,” said Brian Hews, President and Publisher of Hews Media Group.

“LCCN has been working with dozens of media outlets across the country on this massive scandal for the past eight months,” Hews said.

Featured in this report is LCCN Investigative Reporter Randy Economy who tells about how the community newspaper was able to “piece the puzzle together” that has resulted in the arrest of one former property appraiser, and the recent departure of Assessor John Noguez on a “paid leave of absence.”

Look for more segments on Fox News 11 during the next several days and weeks. Reporter Gina Silva is featured in this segment.

Randy Economy appears on NBC News Non Stop California with Colleen Williams

Randy Economy appears on California Non Stop with Colleen Williams from NBC News. Randy Economy appeared on NBC New's Non Stop California in June, 2012. This is what NBC said about Randy and Los Cerritos Community Newspaper. "Los Cerritos Community Newspaper recently published hundreds of e-mails between Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez and several property tax agents. The emails were obtained by the newspaper through a series of public document requests. This is the second set of documents published by the community newspaper that has been at the forefront of reporting and exposing the alleged pay to play activities between tax agents and Noguez for the past two years. Reporter Randy Economy joins Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA to discuss how their investigation began on June 25, 2012.”

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Los Cerritos Community Newspaper featured CBS News with Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan CBS/KCAL Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan interviews Randy Economy and Brian Hews from Los Cerritos Community Newspaper the day more than 300 law enforcement officials raided 12 different locations in the political scandal that is consuming Los Angeles County. Thanks CBS News for acknowledging the hard work of LCCN!