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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOLY SMOKE: According to EPA, Cerritos California has AMERICA'S WORST AIR QUALITY. Wait a minute? How can this be?

View more news videos at: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/video.

I got many notes today about this national news story, that is also on every major news network. I wanted to share two of these notes. More to follow. Lot's more. What if the EPA is wrong? These two notes are from Cerritos Residents Gordon Hom and Jason Amansec. Thanks, Gordon and Jason!

Dear Randy: Cerritos scores 34 times higher than national average

Residents in Cerritos may want to rethink their current locale. Study: Cerritos Has Toxic Air Problem. Watch Video http://www.nbclosangeles.com/health/topics/SoCal-City-Ranks-Worst-in-Nation-for-Cancer-Risk.html
According to a new study, Cerritos has a problem with toxic air. The city's 53,240 residents face the greatest risk of developing cancer from breathing toxic air, according to a new report released Wednesday.
The study, the National-Scale Air Toxics Assessment, is used by the Environmental Protection Agency to identify areas where residents could face the greatest health threats from air pollution, USA Today reported:
Almost 2.2 million people lived in neighborhoods where pollution raised the risk of developing cancer to levels the government generally considers to be unacceptable. There, toxic chemicals were significant enough that people who breathed the air throughout their lives faced an extra 100-in-1 million risk of getting cancer.
Many of those people -- about 847,000 -- lived in New York City. The worst single neighborhood lay between two freeways in Cerritos, Calif., outside Los Angeles. There, the EPA estimated an excess cancer risk of more than 1,200 in 1 million, 34 times the national average.
With this data, we can get CalTrans to reduce the bottleneck at the 91 & 605. I have no problem with our air, but let's use the data to our advantage. Get more money to improve our trees, coordinate traffic signals, get natural gas buses and City vehicles, enclose our sewage treatment plant or maybe the pollution monitor is in the wrong place.
Gordon Hom

Hi Randy,
I’m a fan of your blog and I recently saw a story posted on both Yahoo and NBC yesterday…I figure I’d share the link for you to read for yourself. I personally find this an embarrassment for our fine city and wonder if we’re just a victim of being in the middle of several major freeways or if there’s anything we can do about it. I “sniff” a new topic for your next article in the paper!


Jason Amansec
Fellow long time Cerritos resident

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