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Los Angeles County Hall of Administration Scandal: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men....

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A very basic map of Los Angeles County in Cali...
A very basic map of Los Angeles County in California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I wanted to thank the tens of  thousands of readers who have taken to my blog and the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper website since last Friday regarding our latest expose on the "pay to play" schemes that have gripped the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration and specifically the Assessor's office for this past number of years.  

One of the letters, from an 85 year old former resident of Los Angeles County...sums up the "arrogance of power" and how "power corrupts power."

The below "victim" now lives in Washington state.   I am going to continue to keep the bright media spot light on our politicians and their taxpayer supported spokesmen and women accountable. Remember, I will continue to "follow the money," millions and billions and the game continues.... Remember:  Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men....

Dear Mr. Economy:

have been reviewing your outstanding efforts to uncover and expose corruption in public offices.
I have an ongoing problem with the LA County Assessor’s Department/staff. I am 85 years of age, disabled, with open angle Glaucoma (severe case) and have a very limited income. It is very difficult to get anyone’s attention and meaningful assistance here, although Supervisor Antonovich/staff (Ms. Leida Erickson) have been helping me significantly, especially since I have been right and the Assessor has been wrong. Never the less, I am still forced to untimely waits, complex, invalid answers and more from the Assessor’s Department. Supervisor Antonovich and his Assistant (Ms. Erickson), have in a manner of speaking been “life savers”, but they do have time and availability limitations and the Assessor is another elected official and is not directly subject to the Board of Supervisors’ authority. All this effort, on my part, is extremely burdensome, both physically and mentally, plus, in reality, this should not be happening via a public agency and an elected official/Assessor!
These problems with the Assessor have extended over approximately 5 years and during this period I have amassed significant/detail evidence that I believe shows the Assessors here (Mr. Auerbach & Mr. Quon – now retired and Mr. Noguez – now forced to step down due to an ongoing investigation for corruption), with Mr. Kreimann now as current acting Assessor are at fault! I do not believe any of these officials have been ethical and/or competent and in their use of their contrived procedures/practice and they tend to and/or deliberately try to confuse, arbitrarily rejecting my evidence and efforts to receive fair treatment or valid answers to my legitimate concerns/questions. I often wonder, based on their incompetent Department replies, whether they even take adequate time to read, in detail, my correspondence and verify it’s accuracy. They seem to have an approach that says, the Assessor/Assessor’s Department is always right and you are wrong no matter what!
This failure to provide a competent and ethical public service and one that assures and allows equity and relief/adjustments for the Taxpayer/Property Owner does need immediate action! I and others need the assistance of those who can expose and influence rapid and needed changes. If this is happening to me, I’m sure there are thousands of other who are also subject to this treatment!
The arrogance here is appalling and the incompetency along with this, makes it almost impossible for me to seek and acquire legitimate, financial and timely relief even based on valid evidence. Even the Appeals Board system, which I believe is tainted, and based on my experiences, I believe some Board members are obviously incompetent and are extremely biased on behalf of the Assessor’s Department. My direct experience with the Board, at Hearings, also indicates some of these Board Members do not understand their job, the Real Estate Market or factors that critically affect assessments, thusly property owners are not receiving justice or fair and binding judgments on all parties!
In summary,I believe the Assessors/Assessor’s Department have been corrupt in their practices/procedures, assessments. The system is broken and in need of an impartial in-depth audit and a close examination by appropriate law enforcement agencies. I understand Mr. Cooley, LA District Attorney is conducting an investigation in this respect. I have, but only recently, found out about this and have forwarded him some late pertinent information (last two weeks), but so far I have not received any replies.
I could use some meaningful assistance from the Media, those in the State Legislature and others/officials who are ethical, possess leadership strengths and who favor reform in this area of property taxes/assessments and effective public service!
I am planning to deliver a package of valid and supporting evidence to selected people in the Media, State Legislature, et al and will be arranging to deliver this via a friend in the next 3 weeks.
I hope you can assist me and supply some names and addresses of key members of the State Legislature, law enforcement officials and any others you believe are willing to look at and expose these problems and unacceptable public services and with a desire expedite reform/actions to correct these wrongs.
At the moment, I am still engaged in this struggle with the Assessor on several issues and am not getting, what I believe is unbiased and timely help by the Assessor’s Department. As I mentioned, the financial burden, the excessive time/assessments and effort for me is horrendous!
I simply cannot afford an Attorney, much less the time this would take including the long extended court dates, fees, etc., that this action mandates!
Thank you for your patience and review,
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7.3 Earthquak rocks Columbia

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Location1.972°N, 76.329°W
Depth162.1 km (100.7 miles)
Distances9 km (5 miles) WNW of Isnos, Colombia
33 km (20 miles) WNW of Pitalito, Colombia
61 km (37 miles) SSE of Popayan, Colombia
66 km (41 miles) SW of La Plata, Colombia
Location Uncertaintyhorizontal +/- 2.9 km (1.8 miles); depth +/- 6.4 km (4.0 miles)
ParametersNST=800, Nph=800, Dmin=388.7 km, Rmss=0.92 sec, Gp= 14°,
M-type=teleseismic moment magnitude (Mw), Version=C
Event IDus2012gdap

Thursday, September 27, 2012


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Photo taken by Randy Economy of Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley

2013 LA MAYOR RACE: District Attorney Steve Cooley to endorse former Federal Prosecutor Kevin James on Friday

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley will announce his support and endorsement of former Federal Prosecutor Kevin James for Mayor of Los Angeles at a media event on Friday, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has learned.
In a statement obtained by LCCN, Cooley said he believes that “James will make an outstanding Mayor and that Kevin James is the Mayoral candidate best qualified to tackle the many problems confronting the City of Los Angeles.”
More at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

6.2 Earthquake hits Gulf of California near La Paz

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By Randy Economy



ShakeMap Intensity Image

Event Time

  1. 2012-09-25 23:45:26 UTC
  2. 2012-09-25 16:45:26 UTC-07:00 at epicenter
  3. 2012-09-25 16:45:26 UTC-07:00 system time

Nearby Cities

  1. 75km (47mi) NNE of La Paz, Mexico
  2. 154km (96mi) E of Ciudad Constitucion, Mexico
  3. 154km (96mi) SW of Ahome, Mexico
  4. 157km (98mi) SW of Los Mochis, Mexico
  5. 972km (604mi) SSE of Phoenix, Arizona
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Monday, September 24, 2012


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Anti-Islamic Film Maker Home For Sale in Cerritos
The Cerritos home where scenes from the controversial Anti-Islamic film “Innocence of Muslims” were filmed has a “For Sale by Owner Sign” planted on its front lawn. Los Cerritos Community Newspaper saw the sign in front of the Park Street home of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula late Sunday night at 10 p.m. PST. Photo By Randy Economy, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper

This is GREAT NEWS! 

Maybe the residents who live around this fiasco can get a really nice neighbor who doesn't create world wide conflicts any more like Nakoula!


Hit my comment section below...

By Randy Economy
The Cerritos home where scenes from the controversial Anti-Islamic film “Innocence of Muslims” were filmed has a “For Sale by Owner Sign” planted on its front lawn.
Los Cerritos Community Newspaper saw the sign in front of the Park Street home of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula late Sunday night at 10 p.m. PST.
A telephone number appears listed on the sign of 394-2424. The number does not have an area code. An internet web site, is embossed on the sign. A search of that site does not indicate that the home is either listed, or not.
“I noticed the For Sale sign for the first time late Sunday,” one neighbor who did not want to be identified told LCCN.
Nakoula Family has a FOR SALE SIGN in front of it ...
Four marked Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department patrol units sat around the Park Street cul-de-sac where the house is located on Sunday evening.
Two cars were parked in the driveway of the Nakoula resident, a white colored four door sedan and a dark colored compact car. There appear to be some activity in the house. Lights were turned on inside both the home and the attached two car garage.

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Sunday, September 23, 2012

On Eagles Wings: Thanks for making Life a TRUE BLESSING!

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Thanks for all of my LOVING and WONDERFUL friends and family for ALWAYS "RAISING ME UP" on eagles wings. Life is a gift. We may have our ups and downs, and may not see eye to eye once in a while. But remember, their is a Higher Power in ALL of our Lives, a Loving God. I hope each of you can find your path to happiness. Please feel to SHARE on FACEBOOK....

Have a Blessed Week ahead! 


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Randy Newman has lost his marbles with his "Dreaming of a White President" video

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(FYI: Thanks to my friend David Cruz from KTLK AM 1150 here in Los Angeles for bringing this to my attention today....!)

Songster Randy Newman has lost his total marbles.

The iconic singer has put out a music video that is bringing great angst to myself, and any other American who has a brain. He is "Dreaming of a White President" in his latest You Tube vid that has already generated more than 660,000 hits in a jiff, so to speak.

Is this a sick campaign prank? Or, has our political chatter turned to total trash talk. I am done with racist idiots in our society. Period. Enough is enough.

I hope some city councilman in Cerritos or Los Angeles stands up and decry's this video.

What do you think? Hit my comment section below.

 Here are the "brilliant words" of Mr. Newman:
Randy Newman
Cover of Randy Newman

I'M DREAMING George Washington was a white man Adams and Jefferson too Abe Lincoln was a white man, probably And William McKinley the whitest of them all Was shot down by an immigrant in Buffalo And a star fell out of heaven I'm dreaming of a white President Just like the ones we've always had A real live white man Who knows the score How to handle money or start a war Wouldn't even have to tell me what we were fig
Randy Newman (album)
Randy Newman (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
hting for He'd be the right man If he were a I'm dreaming of a white President Someone whom we can understand Someone who knows where we're coming f
WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 30:  A replica of th...
WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 30: A replica of the White House made from 400-pounds of gingerbread, white chocolate and marzipan is on display in the State Dining Room during the first viewing of the 2011 White House Christmas decorations November 30, 2011 in Washington, DC. The theme, 'Shine, Give, Share,' runs throught the White House with a 400-pound White House Gingerbread House and 37 Christmas trees, including the official 18-foot 6-inch balsam fir tree in the Blue Room that honors Blue Star military families. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)
rom And that the law of the jungle is not the law of this land In deepest darkest Africa nineteen three A little boy says, "Daddy, I just discovered rel
William Howard Taft
Cover of William Howard Taft
ativity. A big eclipse is coming And I'll prove it. Wait and see!" "You better eclipse yourself outta here, son And find yourself a tree There's a lion in the front yard And he knows he won't catch me." How many little Albert Einsteins Cut down in their prime? How many little Ronald Reagans Gobbled up before their time? I don't believe in evolution But it does occur to me, What if little William Howard Taft had to face a lion Or God forbid, climb a tree? Where would this country be? I'm dreaming of a white President Buh buh buh buh 'Cause things have never been this bad So he won't run the hundred in ten seconds flat So he won't have a pretty jump shot Or be an Olympic acrobat So he won't know much about global warming Is that really where you're at? He won't be the brightest, perhaps But he'll be the whitest And I'll vote for that Whiter than this? Yes Whiter than this? Yes Whiter than this? Yes Whiter than this? Oh yeah
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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

We Are the 47% starts a Facebook "movement"

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Cover Photo The 47% has taken to Facebook. Yep.

A new movement has begun. Are you a member of the 47%. Well, within hours of his now idiotic "47%" comments that has been heard around the globe, a tongue and cheek Facebook Fan Page has begun... Mitt's statement that 47% of Americans support Obama and these are the same people that don't pay any taxes, don't take responsibility for their own lives are are basically parasites ... of course we know this is totally absurd and most definitely not true. This is turning out to be one of the most entertaining PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS in EONS.

 I love EVERY MINUTE of "Democracy in Action." BTW. I signed up for this group. HOT!
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Los Cerritos Community Newspaper GOES VIRAL...ALL OVER THE PLANET!

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Just wanted to do the "HAPPY DANCE" around Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Office this morning. You see, at 5:45 AM this morning we went "VIRAL" once again ALL OVER THE WORLD!  Pretty IMPRESSIVE for a COMMUNITY NEWSPAPER with just a FEW (like THREE!) FULL TIME REPORTERS.  Thanks a MILLION ALL OVER THE WORLD! 

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Hews, Economy Featured on The Tim Conway Jr. Show on KFI Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Publisher Brian Hews and Reporter Randy Economy were featured on KFI AM 640 on the Tim Conway Jr. Show on Thursday, October 17 to discuss the arrest of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez, Property Tax Agent Ramin Salari and Assessor Major Property Appraiser Mark McNeil on dozens of felony charges. The segment was broadcast live to millions of listeners throughout the Western United States. LCCN will post additional interviews by Mr. Hews and Mr. Economy in the future.

WATCH: LCCN, Randy Economy featured on Fox News

Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic
Los Cerritos Community Newspaper’s exclusive groundbreaking coverage into the corruption probe at the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office is now the focal point of a multi part series that began airing Wednesday night on Fox News 11 in Southern California.

LCCN was the first media outlet to break the story about the massive criminal investigation that has now gripped the entire Los Angeles County Hall of Administration. “We thank Fox News for recognizing featuring Los Cerritos Community Newspaper in their coverage,” said Brian Hews, President and Publisher of Hews Media Group.

“LCCN has been working with dozens of media outlets across the country on this massive scandal for the past eight months,” Hews said.

Featured in this report is LCCN Investigative Reporter Randy Economy who tells about how the community newspaper was able to “piece the puzzle together” that has resulted in the arrest of one former property appraiser, and the recent departure of Assessor John Noguez on a “paid leave of absence.”

Look for more segments on Fox News 11 during the next several days and weeks. Reporter Gina Silva is featured in this segment.

Randy Economy appears on NBC News Non Stop California with Colleen Williams

Randy Economy appears on California Non Stop with Colleen Williams from NBC News. Randy Economy appeared on NBC New's Non Stop California in June, 2012. This is what NBC said about Randy and Los Cerritos Community Newspaper. "Los Cerritos Community Newspaper recently published hundreds of e-mails between Los Angeles County Assessor John R. Noguez and several property tax agents. The emails were obtained by the newspaper through a series of public document requests. This is the second set of documents published by the community newspaper that has been at the forefront of reporting and exposing the alleged pay to play activities between tax agents and Noguez for the past two years. Reporter Randy Economy joins Colleen Williams on Nonstop News LA to discuss how their investigation began on June 25, 2012.”

Hear Randy Economy on the David Cruz Show!

Reporter Randy Economy on The David Cruz Show during the week of June 25, 2012 on KTLK AM 1150 in Southern California. The segment begins at the 56:00 part in this clip and lasts for thirty minutes.

Randy Economy on CBS 2 News KCAL 9 with Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan

Los Cerritos Community Newspaper featured CBS News with Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan CBS/KCAL Investigative Reporter Dave Bryan interviews Randy Economy and Brian Hews from Los Cerritos Community Newspaper the day more than 300 law enforcement officials raided 12 different locations in the political scandal that is consuming Los Angeles County. Thanks CBS News for acknowledging the hard work of LCCN!